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Ok so here we go. (Bigger image)

Today at RTX in the Joel and Chris signing, I happened to be next to some girls who seemed pretty nice. Then I noticed oh hey they have art to give Joel! Awesome! But then on second glance…wait a minute that art looks SUPER familiar….

Oh yeah, it’s because it’s traced off my art!

So I said, “Hey, you know it’s funny I drew the exact same thing. I think that’s my art.”

And she literally, her and her friend, TO MY FACE, “Nooo, I drew it.” to my fucking face. So I was not having any of that. I asked Danni to pull up the picture because my phone is a piece and showed them what I drew, “Yeah your picture looks exactly like the one I drew.” literally the only thing different is that Tucker is on the left and the sniper is missing.

But literally, same pose, same raised feet, same grass, SAME QUOTE. And you know what she said, “Oh, I never seen that one before.” 

How dare you, Ariana cosplaying as Blake on Sunday at RTX, fucking lie to my face, copy/trace my drawing, give Joel the drawing, and take credit for it. How fucking dare you. 

Look, I try to be nice. I try to be understanding and patient and I understand loving a piece so much you want to do something like it. But fucking tracing it, being called out on it, then lying TO THE ARTIST FACE ABOUT IT, and then fucking giving it to someone IN FRONT OF THE ARTIST, and taking credit for it. No, fuck that my kindness is gone.

So I hope you see this, I hope people call you out and I hope you realize what a dishonest, hurtful thing you did TO ME. Have some fucking respect for the artist and for your fucking self. 

Everyone, please signal boost or like tweet joel the above picture (@JoelHeyman ) that the art he got was theft/traced and that the original artist is me. Because this is bullshit. I’m a pretty chill person and I try to be super nice to everyone I meet and talk to, but don’t ever fucking lie to me in my fucking face and pull this bullshit. 

Thank you. 

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